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NTS Nep Video Collection

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A Detroit music video icon...

A preservationist of Eastside culture...

An entrepreneur and leader in the community...

An ever growing video library, amassing almost 500k views. 3 new singles on iTunes available now. Features with Chuckie CEO, Jay Nutty, and more Detroit talent. His own clothing line and walk in store. Given over 5000 free meals in the community. Sponsors children's events and neighborhood holiday festivities. Housed and/or employed over 100 Detroit natives. Philanthropist. Entrepreneur. Artist.

NTS Nep is on the rise.

NTS Store

Quality clothing, eastside made.

For over 5 years, the brand has been bubblin'. What started on the streets of East Warren, has since built up to their own clothing store on 10325 Cadieux, off I-94 exit 223.

  • Seasonal Gift Baskets

  • Men's Footwear

  • Outdoor wear

  • Full Sets

  • Cologne / Perfume Sets

  • Lingerie / Night Wear

Open 7 Days a week 12pm-12am

NTS Nep is single handedly making one of the largest dents in the Detroit music scene. No management, just raw and real support. Nep is the true embodiment of Nothing to Something, and 2023 for NTS Nep will be indeed be something for the record books.”

- "PeterPromo"